Qingyun International Cultural Exchange (Shenzhen) Organization [AuPair-Angelina] ,would like to cordially welcome you to take part in our culture exchange. We are currently seeking adventurous participants from countries all over the world to join and enrich the lives of one of our Chinese families. If you’re someone who wishes to step away from monotony and onto the unbeaten path, then this opportunity is for you.



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Why be an Au Pair?


Are you seeking a life changing experience that will forever change you? A journey that will immerse you in the culture of a country that is rich in history of over 5,000 years? If you love children, we can provide such an experience for you!


As an Au Pair you will have the opportunity to experience the Chinese culture as a local by living with a native Chinese family (while getting paid). There is no better way to learn the language and understand a culture than to actively live in it. Enjoy some of the best shopping in the world and celebrate national holidays like Spring Festival. Use your vacation time to see some of the fantastically modern cities and dramatic scenery that China has to offer. Learn the language, try new and exotic foods, immerse yourself and maybe and go see a Panda!

A few things you will definitely gain during your time in China:

  • Superpower chopstick skills
  • A network of people to forever be able to depend on
  • Confidence in yourself through experiencing life abroad
  • Superior knowledge of the Chinese culture and language of Mandarin
  • An open mind gained by daily life in an Oriental country
  • Close ties with friends, both local and foreigners from around the world

What compensation we can offer you for your time and work:

  • Pocket money per month to save, travel or spend as you choose.
  • At least one day off per week, if not more.
  • An individual room will be provided for each student within the family’s home, free of charge.
  • Access to Wi-Fi from within your room.
  • You will be provided with authentic Chinese meals and the opportunity to dine with your host family. (For those who have dietary restrictions we can also special provide the means to obtain meals, fruits and snacks that fit your palate). You will also have as access to the kitchen.
  • Students may request personalized contracts with duration times that vary from 3, 6 , to 12 months. If you wish to request a specific duration, we will try our best to assist you.
  • At least 12 days of paid vacation.



About us:


Qingyun International Cultural Exchange (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd is located within Mainland China and is designated as a Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Shenzhen has an incredible story; starting out as a small fishing village only forty years ago, now it is currently the fastest growing city in China, surpassing the closest city in size, Hong Kong. You’ll find that Shenzhen is not only modern, but in many respects advanced. It continues to pave the way for the rest of China in terms of city planning, transportation, and overall quality of life.


As Shenzhen continues to grow, now is the perfect opportunity to witness for yourself how China is rapidly evolving as it emerges onto the world’s stage as a global superpower.

Shenzhen: an example others should strive for

We are a company located in shenzhen , issue in year 2006. so far we have free helped aupairs to come to settle down in china educated family hundreds. after if you knew better chinese and chinese culture we also helping you get job in china,in internship way or formally.


Our families waiting for you


Our process for matching aupair and family :

1. E-mail us to get appllcation form or apply online ;

2. Prepare your documents and certificats;

3. Appointment online interview;

4. Get ready to explore in china.


Our mission:


We  provide you  the best homestay culture exchange . In this, you will become an essential part of this family’s life by taking care of their child. You will be accepted into a family and will be treated as a member. You will be expected to assist in language practice, sharing housework, and childcare. Do not think of this as being a babysitter or nanny; many people within China are absolutely fascinated with the outside world and are very curious to learn about your culture. This is your chance to not only leave an impression on a young child, but on an entire family. Be an ambassador for your country and help share your culture.




Making a difference in a children’s life:


The number one requirement of an Au Pair is to have a love for children. Au Pairs will tell you that the best part of the program is the relationships they build with their host children and family. You may be the one in the house to receive a hug first thing in the morning, or to see a child reaching a major milestone in their life, or maybe the one who gets the biggest laugh of the day. These moments are special and help make your year both memorable and gratifying. The bridge of communication you build with your child is also very rewarding. As time goes by, you’ll be proud to see how your child progresses in their mental development and advances in their English. You will also have a little helper to practice with your Chinese


This is an amazing opportunity, but we understand it can also be very daunting to move across the planet to a new home with strangers. The best way to understand what it is to be an Au Pair would of course be to talk to one! If you would like to speak to one of our current or former Au Pairs directly, just ask us and we will put you in contact with them. You might even end up becoming great friends in the future if you choose to join us! If you any others questions on what it’s like to be an Au Pair, live in China, or work for our company please do not hesitate to contact us regarding anything you may be curious about. We hope to make to be a life enriching experience for you. We hope to hear from you soon! ZaiJian!