homestay cultural exchange au pairs in china

Qingyun International Cultural Exchange (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd, would like to cordially welcome you to take part in our culture exchange. We are currently seeking adventurous participants from countries all over the world to join and enrich the lives of one of our Chinese families. If you’re someone who wishes to step away from monotony and onto the unbeaten path, then this opportunity is for you.

22 thoughts on “homestay cultural exchange au pairs in china

  1. The company is off to a good start with many hosts lined up waiting to take in new au pairs for an international culture exchange homestay. The company keeps their promises, they are offering an amazing program for fresh graduates to come over to China.

  2. 家里也请了个公益生,传授西方文化,磨练小孩性格,中西方文化结合,给孩子带来美好的成长环境

  3. AuPair-Angelina team has done their homework. Angelina modeled the services after the best practices she first saw while working through Europe. You can trust she will provide the best experience possible for everyone.

  4. 公益生项目非常有意义,不出国门也能体验国际化视野,为孩子留学做准备吧,我家宝贝英语敢说了,自信心满满地。潜移默化中变积极是最好的奖赏 。谢谢。

  5. I really liked stay in yang’s family in china, they helps me a lot on life and culture understanding . chinese ppl really gives me warm and passion impressive. aupair-angelina offering us professional serivce ,angelina also very nice ,we can talk everything too.

  6. Amazing chance for fresh graduates to come to China and get involved With the culture, that’s really interesting. This is opening frontiers for next generations.
    Wish you the best.

  7. This is a great idea, great initiative that will provide interesting experience in both side.
    I ‘ll try to help you if I can to find french graduates or youngster that could be interested
    Wish you all the success you desserve

  8. Qingyun International Cultural Exchange is an amazing company in Shenzhen China. I like it because it really helps children to better understand the foreign culture and also speak standard English. I believe it’ll make a significant influence through all children’s life.

  9. Thanks to Angelina i could finally make my dream come true and experience the real culture and life in china. The family and the kid was very friends and angelina was always there if i needed help.

  10. 公益生落落大方有礼貌,很会鼓励和引导孩子,刚开始孩子有点不习惯,但是后来用亲子游戏引导了我家宝宝,宝宝很喜欢和他玩。他们相处得非常开心,公益生也非常有爱心和毅力。宝宝3岁也可以慢慢的说些简单的词句了,还开发了宝宝绘画的天赋。非常好!

  11. Cultural exchange at its best! Very well planned to the tiniest details, considering everyone’s personal needs. If you wish to indulge in Chinese culture and everyday life while feeling like home, you are at the right place! Angelina is not only a wonderful person, but highly professional and responsible in everything she does. From a first hand experience, I can only recommend her agency!

  12. 不出国门也能长期和欧美友人交朋友,现在志趣相投的青年都不多了,国内的孩子们对汉字、历史都没有我家公益生感冒了。我欣赏公益生知书达理,素质教养高。外语天天说,跟上时代的步伐。国际文化交流,Angelina well done!

  13. 公益生的教育背景和安全性高, 合同也详尽考虑到了所有细节。沟通顺畅,公益生住家也放心。家里多了个国际帮手,眼界开了事业也顺利多了。

  14. I commend the professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit of Angelina to come up with a creative way to exchange cultural differences in a positive environment. Her foresight on this is revolutionary!

  15. A brilliant concept performed with great professional acumen.

    A clear choice for integrity in cultural exchanges and education.


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